Best YouTube Cover Photo Size & Maker 2021

When I started my own channel I don't know about YouTube cover photo and a perfect YouTube cover photo size 2021I even don't know how to create a banner for my channel and YouTube cover photo maker tools are available on the internet or not.
Youtube Cover Photo

What is YouTube Cover Photo?

    When we open a channel, the banner which appears in the background behind the Logo of the channel is called YouTube channel banner or Channel Art.
    YouTube Channel Cover image helps viewers know which topic your channel is related to and which videos are going to appear on your channel for which they will subscribe to you.

    You can add any type of banner in your channel's art as you want. So there are no restrictions for background Image but keep in Mind the photo size should be Perfect.

    What is Best YouTube Cover Photo Size?

    Actually, the Best Recommended YouTube cover photo size is '2560 X 1440 px. This size is recommended by YouTube & if you want to check this your self then just follow these steps in your chrome browser -

    1. Open YouTube Channel & login with the account.
    2. Click that channel icon for more options.
    3. Select 'Your Channel' Option.
    4. Click on Channel Art area to upload Image.
    5. After that, you'll get a Popup where you can see Recommended youtube Channel art Size & Maximum file size 6 MB.

    Different youtube cover photo dimensions for different Device users. Whether anyone uses a Smartphone, Pc or Tablet, everyone will see the channel background Image Perfectly.

    Mobile cover size = 1546 x 423

    Tablet size  =  1855 x 423

    Desktop Max size =  2560 x 423

    Television size =  2560 x 1440

    All these are the best "youtube cover photo dimensions" for different devices. If you want to keep the Text and Logo area safe, then make them within the mobile version otherwise, it can be Shrink or crop. 
    Youtube -Cover-Photo-template
    Youtube Channel Art Template (Fireworks)

    You Can Read Youtube Official Blog Related this topic & can find Many more things about 'Youtube banner Image size & file guidelines'. Read this To know everything about Youtube cover photo template.

    Banner Image Maker Tool Free

    There are Many Youtube cover photo maker Websites & Applications available on internet & Playstore. Some of those websites are free, Some allow access after Signing up & Some are even Paid.

    Here are some website names that are ranking on Google, if you want to make a good channel banner for YouTube then you can use these websites-


    • Canva
    • Adobe
    • Picsart
    • Adobe

     I know that using any photoshop you can create your own Youtube banner easily within minutes, but these websites and applications can help for those who do not have a computer and who do not know photo editing. 

    Add Channel banner on Youtube.

    To add channel art in Your Youtube channel just follow these simple steps to place the banner in the art section.

    1. Go to & login with your account
    2. Click on the channel icon for more Options.
    3. Tap 'Your Channel' option.
      Youtube Cover Photo
    4. Click anywhere in the Channel Art area.
    5. You'll get a Popup to select Photos From Device, Your Photos or from Gallery.
    6. Drag a Photo or Select a Photo From Computer.
    7. Adjust or Crop according to image & Device, as you want.
      Youtube Cover Photo
    8. After Adjustment of banner image Tap to save or Select.
    The Channel Background Image is ready & could be seen in Android, Pc or Tv Versions as well. To see own channel's cover go to your channel & watch.


    I hope now you Know Everything about Youtube Cover Photo like - Best size or Dimensions, Maker or Generator tool for templates & how to add it on the channel. 

    If you still have any doubt or want to suggest anything let me know in comments. The most important thing also share this with your friends who Recently started their channel on Youtube.

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