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Permanently Remove Facebook Friends Free Fire

Hey, guys are you Garena free fire game player, I'm also. Do you know you can remove/delete Facebook friends from free fire? If you don't know "how to remove platform friends in free fire" then here are some steps that you can follow to delete all your Facebook friends from free fire account.
(Garena Free Fire is an Online Battleground Game that you can play with your friends in free fire. But before that you have to add friend in Garena free fire by binding your Facebook Account. )

Unlink Free Fire From FacebookFree Instagram Followers
When we link Facebook account with the game, it collects our email id and friend list on its server. And the list of all our friends who have downloaded that game is visible to us inside the game.

As we know, not everyone likes to play those games on a regular basis and that is why we see a lot of Facebook friends in our friend's list.

But Garena Free Fire has no such setting. So that you can remove Facebook friends.

For this, we have t…
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Best YouTube Tag Extractor/ Finder For Videos

Do you want to Know about YouTube Tag Extractor or youtube tag finder Tools For Video, which helps you to get popular YouTube tags for views on Videos.

Many new beginners on YouTube do not use tags in the video because they do not know what tags are, how they works and how it can be used to gain views and subscribers. 

Best Youtube Tag Extractor/FinderContents
What is YouTube Videos Tag! Every YouTube Creator must know what is a Tag on YouTube, how it works & helps to rank our videos.

 If you do blogging and you have little knowledge about search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you must know about keywords. 
Keywords & Tags works in the same way.  Just as keywords are used to rank a website on the Internet, similarly tags help to rank videos on YouTube. 
What Tags Does? Tag tells the system what your video is about or what will be searched on youtube when your video appears in search results on YouTube. 

Suppose I taught How to make Cake in my Video,  How do People Know that I have tau…

YouTube Cover Photo | Size & Maker

When I started my own channel I don't know about YouTube cover photo and a perfect YouTube cover photo size. I even don't know how to create a banner for my channel and YouTube cover photo maker tools are available on the internet or not.

What is YouTube Cover Photo?Contents
When we open a channel, the banner which appears in the background behind the Logo of the channel is called YouTube channel banner or Channel Art.
YouTube Channel Cover image helps viewers know which topic your channel is related to and which videos are going to appear on your channel for which they will subscribe to you.

You can add any type of banner in your channel's art as you want. So there are no restrictions for background Image but keep in Mind the photo size should be Perfect.

What is Best YouTube Cover Photo Size?Actually, the Best Recommended YouTube cover photo size is '2560 X 1440 px. This size is recommended by YouTube & if you want to check this your self then just follow these steps …

Change YouTube Username Step by Step

When I started my Brand new YouTube Channel, I don't know how to Change YouTube Username or How to change youtube name on phone'.
This is because I was new to YouTube & doesn't know anything how can I change YouTube username. My channel name was exactly the same as my email address. CHANGE YOUTUBE USERNAMEContents
But if you are also like me & don't know how to Change YouTube username then here is the step by step process to change your YouTube name on android.
What is YouTube Username?Youtube Username is a unique name that helps users to find out your youtube channel on youtube by searching that name.
Just like on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter people have a username which is their unique name by which they can be easily found on that platform.
similarly, on YouTube, there is a unique username that identifies your channel. You can say this is your own YouTube Channel Name.
How to change Youtube name on phone.If you are an Android smartphone user and you want to chan…

Keyword Everywhere Android Mobile Extension

Do you want to know how you can use keywords everywhere Android or searching to use keywords everywhere For mobile. However, here is the solution for install keyword everywhere tool in your phone's browser to use this like PC.
The keyword everywhere tool is a perfect tool for bloggers and marketers. therefore, this tool can help you to find out your targeted keyword and also give some keyword analytics like volume and competition.
What Is Keywords Everywhere Extension?Keywords Everywhere Android is a tool that helps you to Find out keywords for your blogger, website, YouTube & for internet marketing to Run Advertisement campaigns, You can say it is a Keywords Planner/  keyword finder tool.
By Using Keyword Everywhere Mobile tool, you can see on the Internet which Keyword is most searched on the Internet and how much high competition is there in it.
 You can see The Keyword - Volume, CPC, Competition, Most Searched keywords & also the Similar Keywords Research & their Volum…

Save Instagram Photos on Pc 2020 {Latest}

Are you an Social media User & Finding 'How to Save Instagram Photos on Pc' or What are the ways to 'save multiple Photos/ Picture on computer' So here you'll get the best Working Methods to 'Save Instagram Photos on pc chrome & these all are going to be very easy & everyone can use them. Many times we get some such photos on Instagram that we like and we want to download and save them on our device but as we know There are no such features on the Instagram so that you can download or save the photo of another person on your device.
This is some methods, following which you can Save Instagram Photos or photo on PC.

Save Instagram photos with Downloaders.You can download Instagram post in your computer easily by Instagram post downloader tools. these tools are absolutely free and help you to download Instagram post by their link. So there are too many Instagram downloading to on internet you can find out easily or just visit
Go to Instagram.…

How Much is 1 Million Youtube Views Worth

'How Much is 1 Million YouTube Views Worth 2019'Every person asks the same question before starting the YouTube channel Because of most people start the YouTube channel with the intention of earning money so that they can earn more money by uploading their videos to the YouTube channel. 
Still, many people have confusion or doubt Does YouTube pay you for views if yes so how much money can you make on YouTube in 2019 by uploading your videos and getting 1 million views on a video. 

How Much is 1 Million Youtube Views WorthContents
Before moving further you should know some main points of this topic which you need to understand clearly before creating your own YouTube channel to make money.
Does YouTube pay you for views?I have seen many new YouTubers they think that YouTube pays you for Views Which you found on their video but that's not true YouTube doesn't pay you for views Rather YouTube pay you money for advertisements shown on your video. 

How many advertisements were …